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Source Shines "Bright"

December 22, 2017 marked the premier of the Netflix original film Bright, an American urban fantasy feature directed by David Ayer, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. To help build momentum and extend the excitement leading up to the premier, Netflix wanted to tap into an even greater audience and decided that the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) platforms and followers would be the perfect fit to showcase the streaming services’ latest blockbuster offering. Source joined forces with UFC and Netflix to create a unique branded-content mockumentary that parallels one of the characters in the film.

Fight: The Max “Blue Carnage” Carlyle Story, follows the trials and tribulations of an Orc who seeks acceptance into the UFC to compete with top-level MMA fighters in the octagon. (Orcs are an ancient mystical race with blue skin and unique facial features that have never been allowed to compete until a chance meeting propels Max to the next level.)

With tremendous audience momentum for both the film launch and viewership of the upcoming UFC 219 pay-per-view event featuring the title match of Cyborg vs. Holm, the social platforms were buzzing about the premise of Fight, which sets up a fictional matchup between Orc Max Carlyle and Travis Brown, a top heavyweight contender.

“We felt like we had an amazing opportunity to capitalize on these two events and insert our branded-content story arc right into the conversation”, said Rich Degni, VP Creative Director at Source. The results are a testament to the power of highly developed branded content placed at just the right time. With millions of views in the first few days, Fight captured the attention of UFC and Netflix audiences. Production on the project was handled by Kampfire in partnership with Source, and shot on location in Las Vegas and Boulder City, Nevada.

Netflix already has a sequel to Bright in the works, and given the success of this project for the UFC, Source is ready to go back into the octagon and give another Orc a fighting chance.

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