May 9, 2023 Source Ad

Thoughts from President and Founder, Larry Rothstein

After 39 years in business, if there is one lesson I have learned, it is relationships matter.

We’ve worked with many companies for over 20 years. We’ve had individual clients who have changed companies 3 or 4 times and keep coming back to work with our agency. We’ve had media and sports team partners who confidently refer us business. And we’ve had employees return to Source at different stages of their careers.

Why? Because we have earned their confidence and respect. They know we say what we mean and we do what we say.

Yes, it is a lot about our business mantra – “Ideas inspiring action” – innovative, unexpected ideas that deliver on objectives and deliver real results. But importantly, it is also about HOW we do business.

It is about how passionate we are about our clients’ businesses. We immerse ourselves in the category, the consumer, the competition and we become our clients’ true partner. We listen. We learn fast. We see the possibilities.

Importantly – we deliver. On time, on strategy and on budget. We give our clients options so they are never boxed in and we pride ourselves in helping to lead the thinking to exciting new places.

We’re good at what we do, and we love it – and that makes working with us a lot more fun too.

Good relationships are built on good work and good people. And enjoying the combination of those two makes them last a long, long time.

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